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Most of people know me as a filmmaker and a musician.

Some people also know my obsession with taking photos of Dogsigns. Not so many are familiar with my new collection of photos of what I call Stolen Art.

The collection is growing and I'm planing publishing a book with parts of if.

Most of the photos in here are taken during 2016 with my mobile phone. Most of them are not edited more than the necessary like color correction and proportions. Nothing is added or taken away.

Some of the photos are printed on plexiglas (super cool) and/or photo paper in different sizes (up to 50x70 cm). If you can’t resist your urge to ptre-order a copy of the book don’t hesitate and contact me by e-mail -

folkungag jan2017-1.jpg
TA red.jpg
green wave.jpg
Yellow prune.jpg
Peace walldove.jpg
red hound.jpg
Rusty rain.jpg
rusty see.jpg
rusty blixt.jpg
rusty cover.jpg
blue house.jpg
In i kaklet 2.jpg
In i kaklet 1.jpg
StolenArt 100.jpg
wipe 2017 liten.jpg
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